Daycare, Montessori School, Before and After Programs in Bradford and London, ON.

The difference our centre makes can be seen in the face of every child who steps through the door-a happy, confident, intelligent and independent child
that remains curious throughout life and approaches every experience with the willingness to take on a new challenge and learn.

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Not Just a Daycare

The difference our centre makes can be seen in the face of every child who steps through the door-a happy, confident, intelligent and independent child
that remains curious throughout life and approaches every experience with the willingness to take on a new challenge and learn.


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Enrichment Programs

French, Yoga and Movement, Fitness for Kids, Interactive Smart board technology, Music, STEM


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The Montessori, Reggio Emilia Approach

The Montessori, Reggio Emilia Approach & Play Based learning blended curriculum that promotes early learning and brain development in a stimulating State-of-the Art facility


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Nutrition is Paramount

Fresh nutritious meals cooked on site by our full time chef


Why Choose Children's Academy

  • Children’s Academy provides children with a complete educational experience.
  • We combine a comprehensive and academic curriculum with a fun, safe, and thoughtfully designed classroom environment to support children’s exploration and education.
  • Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually, while instilling a sense of independence and confidence.
  • We tailor our program based on children’s specific and individual needs.
  • For more convenience we are opened Monday to Friday 6:30am-6:00pm
  • Fresh, nutritious meals and snacks prepared on site daily. Fresh fruits and vegetables twice daily.
  • Extra Curricular activities including French, Yoga, STEM, Music, Interactive Technology.
  • HiMama app reports and communication throughout the day with the parents.

Educational Daycare Programs


Our Infant daycare program in a wonderful environment that introduces young children to childcare.


Our Toddler daycare program offers a more structured group environment with a schedule that includes plenty of stimulating indoor and outdoor experiences.


The Kindergarten daycare program offers a more formal classroom setting that is focused around structured, self-guided discovery.


The goals of Preschool daycare program begin with the desire to provide a safe, educationally and socially enriching environment in which children can learn to be self-confident away from home.


We offer high quality childcare to school age children from 5 years-10 years of age.


We incorporate an academic component balanced together with physical activity and play.


Montessori Teaching Method

Our Centre was built upon various educational philosophies and we incorporated the Montessori method within our distinctive system. After nearly 25 years of working with children, we know that children are innately inquisitive and drawn to learning new things. This is why we value each child’s individuality and treat children uniquely according to their needs, interests and rate of social, cognitive and physical development.

The Reggio Approach

We believe that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore and interact with an environment in a constructive way at their own pace.


Our core values

Academic Learning

Our early childhood education curriculum is the stepping stone to future success in academic learning. There is a big difference between babysitting programs and a learning centre like Children’s Academy.


At Children’s Academy, we encourage creativity. By nurturing the ability to create something from personal feelings and experiences we nurture and nurture children’s emotional health. The first years of a child’s life are made of experiences that can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.

Computer & Technology

Children learn and develop new skills by engaging in our Tech program. We work towards strengthening each child’s skills through fun and interactive programs. Children learn how to work together using today’s modern technology, we touch on all areas of education with our Computer and Tech program.

Social Skills Development

We create an environment that stimulates healthy social interactions between children. Studies show that children who develop good social skills at a young age are more likely to become successful adults.

Cognitive Development

Child care quality directly impacts cognitive development of children. We promote cognitive skill development in children with activities that provide progressive building of learning skills, such as attention, memory, and thinking.


Children’s Academy offers a comprehensive array of extracurricular activities to compliment the daily curriculum. All our extracurricular activities are being offered to all children attending any of our programs.


What Parents Say:

Masoumeh Nezaminejadtafreshiha Bradford, ON

We are so grateful to have found Bradford Children's Academy. My daughter has been attending for 2 years, and the experience has been exceptional from day one. The staff and management is not only professional but also incredibly caring and attentive. The facilities are clean, safe, and well-maintained. The communication with parents is top-notch, with regular updates, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes us feel like part of a big family. It is evident that they genuinely care about each child's development and well-being. Two of my friends have their children on their wait list and can't wait to be enrolled.


Eva Sampani Bradford, ON

Amazing daycare! My children are so happy when I drop them off in the morning. Thank you!!


Maria F Bradford, ON

My son loves it here . The teachers are so welcoming !


Bonnie L Bradford, ON

My son has been attending BCA over last year. All the educators and administrators have been lovely. Dietary restrictions are strictly adhered to, yet they are encouraged to try foods they have yet to take a liking to at home. I think his teacher, Miss Sara, was more excited than I was when he ate his first bite of soup ever. We will miss this place in September! The children are genuinely cared for.


Joana Lamaj Bradford, ON

The best daycare! Amazing center with a very professional staff! Would definitely recommend!


Maria Italia Castillo Martinez Bradford, ON

Amazing center! I'm so happy that my child attended the Academy. I could not wish for better. The staff is incredible caring and patient and inclusive. I highly recommend it!


Matteo Bersan Bradford, ON

The best daycare in town


Chicho Dominguez Bradford, ON

Modern daycare Centre with friendly staff and varied daily food menu for the kids!


Ashley Hutchins. Bradford, ON

The staff are absolutely amazing with my son, i swear he likes them more then me. The care and support they give and offer is amazing. I have had terrible experience in the past with my daughter and daycares.But with BCA i have zero concerns!! The staff are always there welcoming you with a smile.. even when the mask on 🙂 best daycare around in my eyes


By Ana Bradford, ON

I can not say enough how happy I am with their service. Always amazes me that they pay attention to every need of my daughter. If she didn't like the lunch they served they give her alternate which she can eat .. even with class full of children they pay attention to each child. We have to fight everyday with our preschooler daughter to bring her home that how much she loves her daycare care and teachers... I highly recommend this daycare to any parent who needs it. Especial thanks to Elira the director of centre who end of the day always there and knows how my daughter did all day .. I rarely seen directors that humble and involved!!! LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Worth the price we pay in return of the quality service we get!!


Luisa Quiñones Bradford, ON

Just amazing! I cannot recommend this daycare enough. Very clean, very caring and the staff pays so much attention to my son and all his needs as if he's the only child in the centre. He has learned a lot and looks forward to going to school every morning. I wish they were around when my two older kids went to daycare. Doesn't even compare to the center's they went.


Ellie Marshall Bradford, ON

Staff is very professional and the daycare is clean and well looked after. Our son is always excited to attend. The HiMama app is updated througout the day with lots of pictures


kendra vanheeswyk Bradford, ON

This is a great environment for the kiddos. They learn so much and have great fun!


Ilian Papakozma Bradford, ON

An amazing academy. Looks like wonderland for kids with a team of true professionals of the field. Really satisfied with their services and very grateful for what they do for our kids everyday! HIGHLY recommend it!


Jane Houghton Bradford, ON

I can't say enough good things about this centre. From the friendly, caring, competent staff to the spacious & clean environment, BCA is everything I could have ever wanted in a care centre for my daughter. She LOVES it there. The HiMama app they use keeps me updated about her day and they are always so quick to respond to any questions. I toured a number of other center's before signing up at BCA and it blew them all away. I am so happy to have found this place.


Natasha Pasat Bradford, ON

We couldn't be happier with this place for our child. Very caring environment, the teachers are wonderful. Highly recommend.


Paula Camacho

The Center is amazing! Its designed with all kids ages in mind. It is super clean and always smells amazing. The teachers and staff are all amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, and very caring. The chefs kitchen is quite big and the food is great! The owners are very delightful and very accommodating to your needs. I am recommending this place to all my family & friends with kids!!!!




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