Daycare Programs

The first six years are the stepping-stones to what can be a life full of happiness, love and health.
Our program is specially designed to provide children with opportunities to foster the personal development and well-being of each child.


Our daycare infant program in a wonderful environment that introduces young children to childcare.
Our nurturing caregivers develop trusting relationships with each child and family to ensure a comfortable transition into the daycare centre.
During the day, the infants will engage in many activities such as art, circle time, storytime, music and outdoor time.



Our Toddler daycare program offers a more structured group environment with a schedule that includes plenty of stimulating indoor and outdoor experiences.
A balance of structure and free play opportunities through exposure to a variety of materials are provided to facilitate their independence throughout the daily routines.
Children are given the chance to play, learn and explore independently in small groups with friends, and as part of a larger group. Toddlers are also introduced to our academic program through High Scope (Theme Based), Montessori, Play-Based, Reggio projects learning styles; all of which include math, language, early printing and project work which are provided age appropriately and tailored to individual abilities.
The goal of this daycare program is to help children have a healthy and smooth transition from home to school.



The goals of preschool daycare program begin with the desire to provide a safe, educationally and socially enriching environment in which children can learn to be self-confident away from home.
The daycare program seeks to stimulate the child’s curiosity and encourage well-rounded growth for all children based on their individual levels of development. Using various curriculum models – Montessori, Play-Based, High Scope and the Reggio Approach – children get the chance to be involved in a variety of activities that foster their love of learning and discovery.
Some elements of the daycare program are more structured, and some depend on the choice of the child, offering an excellent introduction to self-guided learning. The preschool program concentrates on developing the child’s academic skills with a variety of activities. Through group and individual project work, the children will expand their skills in mathematics, science, social skills, music, visual arts, drama and language.
Daily routines will be provided to the child and teach him/her to apply these skills to reading, writing, and basic mathematics.



The Kindergarten daycare program offers a more formal classroom setting that is focused around structured, self-guided discovery.
With an enriched curriculum and innovative program plans built around High Scope, Reggio and Ontario Ministry guidelines, the program offers exciting opportunities for exploring and learning.
Children are exposed to a variety of age-appropriate topics, including Language, Arts, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Mathematics, Science, French, and Physical Education. Field trips are designed to support their understanding of topics that have been introduce to them; seeing music, art, science in real life is a great way to bring a fresh perspective to their classroom learning environment.
Our Kindergarten daycare program is designed to help prepare the child for the daily and annual routine of grade one. It is a full program that helps mould the child to know what to expect on their first year of school. Each child will have their own personal work booklets, cubbies and personal pencil case.
This will help teach them responsibility and organization of their own personal work space. They become aware of how to clean after themselves and receive homework once a week.
At the end of the year each child will receive a report card from their teachers.


What Parents Say:

Natasha P. Bradford, ON

Natasha P.

“We love this childcare and absolutely everything the teachers and caregivers do for our girl! Fantastic! We couldn't be happier with this place for our child. Very caring environment, the teachers are wonderful. Highly recommend.”


Jennifer J. Bradford, ON

Jennifer J.

“My two children go here and they absolutely love it. They get lots of attention and care and get challenged in exciting new things everyday. It also helps that food is great! Definitely recommend to any family!”


Madalina A. Bradford, ON

Madalina A.

”I love this place, my son is in preschool class and my daughter is attending the after school program!!! The best environment for your kids, the staff are sooo loving all the kids and the place and their programs are amazing! I feel so blessed for having them in Bradford Children’s Academy!!! Thank u Elira and BCA staff!!!”


Rebecca C. Bradford, ON

Rebecca C.

“I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU. Thank you so much for making Eliana's first month at daycare so easy for all three of us! Thank you caring about Eliana as much as you do; she gets excited every time we bring her in in the morning. Thank you for being so responsive and accommodating to our many questions and requests. When our friends and family ask us about how daycare is going, your team makes it SO EASY for us to say, "Wonderful! We love BCA!"


Janelle D. Bradford, ON

Janelle D.

“We love Bradford Children’s Academy! Our little one started the infant program at 8 months old and all of the teachers at BCA made the transition so easy for all of us! The teachers are outstanding, they’re so loving, engaging and I feel so confident leaving our daughter there everyday. They are so actie on the app that they use which helps tremendously through the transition phase. I know how her day is going, when she napped, what and how much she ate and they are always uploading the most adorable photos of our daughter doing an activity. As parents, it is very hard to trust someone to watch your children, I strongly recommend BCA! We are so happy with our decision. Thanks for everything!”




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