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Our Philosophy

Bradford Children’s Academy system is built on various philosophies. We have adopted the Montessori Method and the Reggio Project Approach as well as our own unique system. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of comfort, cooperation and education. We believe that this will encourage your child to always feel confident enough to put their best foot forward in their continued pursuit of education. We believe in:

  • Comfort
  • Smile and welcome each child
  • Show every child how special he/she is-instill confidence at a young age
  • Spend quality time with each individual-give every child the much-needed attention
  • Create a loving atmosphere that encourages friendships Cooperation
  • Let each child find activities that he/she enjoys-provide a wide selection of activities that promote problem solving
  • Promote sharing and cooperation-encourage children to play together, provide group activities and create environments the advance communal play Education

  • Our educators listen to every child and show them the utmost respect-we believe that education should evoke communication.
  • Reading, singing, and talking to the children-engage the children in different mediums to continual motivate their attention
  • Always act with care, love and kindness with everyone at the centre a loving environment is a good learning environment
  • Express emotions and feelings through drama and movement-help each child develop acuity in responding to non-verbal communication and promote mutual consideration and artistic growth


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Nutritious food supports learning and overall health. Our “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds” program ensures your child receives fresh, balanced, nutritious meals every day at the daycare. A child-friendly multi-cultural menu is served in a sit-down family meal setting. Our food is prepared by a chef qualified in food handling to ensure all health and safety regulations are followed. We consciously adhere to Canada’s Daily Food Guide, so your child gets all the nutrients they need. All food provided is nut free. Alternate meals are provided to children with food restrictions and allergies. Our menus are on a 4-week rotation to provide a variety of choices and altered seasonally. We offer a separate menu for the infants to accommodate their needs. Please see a sample menu below:

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Meet Our Qualified Staff

At Bradford Children’s Academy in Bradford, Ontario, our experienced and registered early childhood educators work with the children and their families to develop effective learning strategies. Our staff is an educated and caring group that works to ensure each child feels truly special and welcomed.

Each of our educators receives training before working at our centre. Additionally, Bradford Children’s Academy is proud to celebrate a multicultural environment.

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